7 Crucial Influencer & Blogger Tips For Instagram.


Running Life with Libby is not my only job, I also have worked as a social media manager and am still working as a freelancer to help companies / agencies with social media and influencer outreach and I have learned a LOT! I wanted to share a few key point that will actually help you if you are an aspiring blogger/influencer or already are one! I know there is always room for growth in knowledge! Some small things that are so simple can take less than 5 minutes to do may cost you a partnership or an event if you do not do. So, here are my influencer & blogger tips for you:

  1. Make sure your email is linked to your Instagram account , WHY? one of my jobs is to search for new blogger via Instagram and email them about certain sponsored partnership opportunities or events, and if your email is not a button I can press on your Instagram – SKIP. I don’t mean just typing in your bio your email address, I mean creating a Instagram business account which really all you need to do for that is create a Facebook business account and connect them, This gives you so much more as an influencer and you don’t want to miss out. That way, you can also include an actual link to your blog because believe it or not, some influencers don’t even have that! People like things that are easy, so if someone can’t click a link in your bio but has to go into a new browser after exiting Instagram , then type your blog in their browser because Instagram bio can’t be copy pasted, the likelihood of them doing that is close to 0, same with an email.
  2. Some people believe it or not …do not have their names anywhere on their Instagram, either because their handle is different from their name, or they just forget to add it anywhere else on their Instagram ….sometimes even on their blogs (no I do not kid!!!). This makes it very hard when sending out mass emails (such as to events) because lots of times we use MailChimp and have your names auto-populate from social.
  3. Many if not most times, when I have to do outreach to find influencers for a paid partnership, the client is wanting quality influencers/bloggers. How do I determine that? Like most people, the quality of your feed and blog. If your feed is filled with mirror selfies, please please, get a tripod, go outdoors, and use the timer option, or better, find a friend or a photographer to take your photos! Download some free photo editing apps to help enhance our photos, reason being -Instagram is SO saturated right now with bloggers and infulencers, and the quality of your work truly determines if you will be skipped or chosen. I’m not saying you have to go and buy a $600 camera right now, these days our cell phone have great cameras! Just put in a little more effort to the creativity or editing of your photos because essentially, that’s your portfolio and first impression.
  4. If you want to work with companies other than just clothing, you may want to have more photos than just yourself on your feed, unless you’re already well established and got your thang going with unique photos of you @colormecourtney is legit an expert at that and you’ll get what I mean when I say keep it fun and interesting if your thing is just photos of you . If your feed is the same pose, the same location, the same angle every time.. I suggest to try to change things up with your selfies, maybe post some with other people, maybe change the location or your pose, add some flowers into the mix or even hold a coffee or your pet , show your new mani , and switch off. But also maybe step out of your comfort zone and include some flatlays of products, include some Sunday brunch vibes with sunnies, whenever I see a feed that is literally only photos of the person, I am hesitant to contact them to partner with a beauty or product brand because sometimes the company doesn’t just want you holding up the product, they are looking for more creative thinkers. There are so many ways to make such beautiful product photos without your beautiful face necessarily in them.
  5. Hashtags are extremely useful, when I search for new bloggers I always search via hashtags, examples: #nycblogger#fashionblogger #blogger etc.
  6. Add a signature to your emails that includes your blog URL … many people don’t even have a signature at all.
  7. Add where you are based in your bio, it really helps out to get invited to more events or showrooms around your area, yes, people can look at your location tag in your photos but honestly, if I have to find 75 new bloggers in the NYC area within 1 hour, if your location is not on your profile, I skip you.

Well, that’s it for today! I hope these help out! 🙂 Please, feel free to comment or contact me with any questions you may have as well.