Fable Naturals Product Review


Hello lovies? 

Today I had the pleasure of trying out a full at home facial with all the products that the fabulous Fable Naturals sent me. 

Here is my products review✨

?First I began with the Quinoa + Almond Fresh Skin Exfoliant , Gommage Visage.  It contains fairtrade certified quinoa and rice from Bolivia and Thailand, organic almonds and natural essential oils.?

 The instructions say you could simply use the palm of your hand to mix the product up with water although I chose to use mini bowls. I used a tea spoon to get some product out into my bowl and then added a very little amount of water into it.  I mixed it all up and it ended up looking like the bowl on the right. (the left one is my water bowl) 
After it was all mixed , I used my fingers to slowly fill and massage my face with the exfoliant.  

 I actually loved the smell of this product and it was very pleasing to massage onto my face because it wasn’t too harsh ? (I have very sensitive skin so this was a big plus). 

I then washed the product off with lukewarm water and patted it dry.

 ? Next, I used the Green Tea + Clay Rejuvenating Mask, Masque Rajeunissant.   It contains Canadian glacial clay filled minerals to rejuvenate and cleanse, seaweed to refresh and fairtrade certified green tea to exfoliate dull skin?

The instruction on this products also say you may use your palm to mix although again I chose a bowl.  I added a bit of water to the product and this is how it looked all mixed up compared to my water bowl on the right.

I then used my hands to lather my face up with the mask. 

This too had a very pleasant smell! Very fresh and minty. I left it on for 8 minutes (you may choose how long you want it on between 5-10 minutes). ⏳

After washing it off my face felt super refreshed and plump! I loved it! 

? Third, I use the Chamomile + Shea Facial Moisturizer, Crème Visage. It contains nourishing fairtrade Shea butter and soothing chamomile? 

I pumped product out about 3 times onto my finger, and dabbed dots onto my  entire face (I like doing this when applying moisturizer) 

After massaging the lotion Onto my face and neck, I felt complete ! ? my skin was cleaned with the exfoliating, rejuvenated from the mask and now moistened by the lotion. 

? last but most certainly not least, is the Fable Naturals Lemon Coconut Lip Balm.  

 Guys, I’ve been using this for three days now (since this came in the mail) and it’s literally majic✨  

  It makes my lips feel like pillows ? soooo amazing and smells even more amazing? 

? so , overall, I’d give Fable Naturals products a big 10 ‼️? everything was such a pleasure to use and gave me the outcome that I was looking for if not better. Please go check out their site and more of their organic products at:

And their Instagram: fablenaturals 
I’ve got you guys a promo code for 20% off online orders as well ???➡️ Coupon code: ORGANICLIVING

Hope you enjoyed this review??