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All about Color Therapy with ITSZEN:30 ColorTherapy x ITSZEN30 X LibbyVilner

Hello everyone! Today I am super excited to share some knowledge about color therapy through an interview I did with Chantel and Goose of ITSZEN30! ZEN30 FAMFirst of all, they are wicked awesome and sent over a pair of their glasses, in yellow! My favorite color (Called-Solar Plexus Charka), which also happens to stimulate intellect, humor, logic, creativity, personal power, and lightness! No wonder I’ve been so inspired lately, I have not taken these babies off since I got them in the mail last week! 
Color Therapy ZEN:30 LifeWithLIbby

They come in two different styles, round (which I am wearing in the photo), or in classic aviator style.

Color Therapy ZEN:30 LifeWithLIbby

While I can sit here and tell you all about my experience wearing these around, I thought it would be better to provide you with information from the experts themselves! So, below is the Q+A and at the end of the post is a coupon code that will take off a big %15 off your color therapy glasses! (And mind you, they are already SUPER affordable as it is, selling at $20.00 each!) So, don’t go anywhere, and let your mind get blown with colors!
Color Therapy ZEN:30 X Libby Vilner


-Where did the idea and/or inspiration come from to combine color therapy with eyewear?  

Before becoming business owners, my husband and I were both (and still are) freelance artists in the local Orlando community. As creatives, we naturally have a passion for color, but never really knew why we were drawn to them which prompted our research into the world of Color Therapy (also known as Chromotherapy). It was then that we learned of a fascinating science that we immediately knew we had to share with others. Color therapy eyewear seemed to make the most sense, allowing for a fashionable and functional item that made the benefits of color therapy portable. Essentially, we wanted to offer the world sunglasses with a purpose.

-What is the story behind deciding to create this company?

Aside from our passion for art, we are also major advocates for holistic practices, healthy living and helping others. With people living increasingly busy lifestyles we wanted to ensure access to a simple yet effective healing tool that could aid in various aspects of their life. Rates of anxiety, stress, depression and other energy imbalances are at an all time high and we felt it was our duty to provide an affordable natural alternative to help balance these energies. People are constantly being influenced by color on a daily basis, whether through marketing or other subconscious triggers which affect them more than they know. We wanted to create a company that made individuals aware of their ability to choose their mood, rather than being influenced into feeling one.

-How does your colorful eyewear benefit the mind and the body? 

Color therapy begins with the initial action of simply seeing a color through the part of the eye known as the retina. The retina then transfers the color to the brain through a messenger in the eye called the optic nerve. Once the brain receives the color, it actually processes the frequency of that particular color and distributes it throughout the body affecting our overall vibration. What does all this mean in layman’s terms? Basically, by wearing our glasses you stimulate your brain and body to think and feel a certain way. Ever wonder why the color blue makes you feel relaxed or why red fires you up? This is a prime example of color therapy working with your psyche.

-Does each color generate different results? 

Yes, since each color vibrates on its own unique frequency and wavelength it impacts your mind/body in different ways. Let’s use an analogy comparing color to music to help understand this concept better. Imagine you schedule a massage at a local spa. When you lay on the table to begin your session the masseuse turns on the stereo and blasts heavy metal rock music. Although there is nothing wrong with this genre of music, that particular frequency doesn’t exactly make your mind and body feel relaxed. Color works in the same way in that each frequency omitted has the power to make us feel a variety of emotions ranging from energized to calm.

– What are the 7 Chakras?

Our body is comprised of 7 major energy centers known as the chakras. They begin at the base of our spine and go all the way up to the top of our head. These energies are responsible for making up who we are as individuals and the imbalances we may be experiencing in our lives. Each of our glasses correspond to a particular chakra encompassing a variety of characteristics. To learn more about chakra colors and benefits in-depth you can visit our website under the “7 Chakras” tab. 

-How and when should one use your eyewear? 

We recommend wearing our color therapy glasses for at least 30 minutes a day to truly experience the positive effects of the color. Our glasses can be worn longer if desired and are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Each pair is UV protected making them a great option for sunglasses as well. As for what color(s) to choose, we offer a link on our site ( to a quick series of simple questions that will provide results indicating which color(s) would best fit your needs. We also offer full sets of our glasses for those who wish to balance all parts of themselves.

-How and why did you choose the name  ‘Zen30’ ?

The name Zen30 came to us as an idea to symbolize being at peace and in the moment. A lot of people worry about the past or the future without taking the time to appreciate the most real moment they have – which is the present. Zen represents the peace and 30 represents the aspect of ourselves concerned with what time it is.

-Giving back and plans for the future:

At Zen30 our overall mission is to make a positive impact on this planet. When a purchase is made from our business, a portion of the proceeds goes towards a community outreach program we created called YogART. We created YogART inc. to serve as an outlet of expression through the use of color, yoga, art and holistic practices. YogART hosts free color therapy yoga classes once a month and also offers art therapy, breath work & guided meditation workshops. We especially love to work with children at local schools and homeless shelters in the hopes to empower the youth to make positive choices and achieve their highest potential.

Color Therapy ZEN:30 LifeWithLIbby

So, was your mind blown? Because I know mine was when I was reading through these answers! How amazing are they? and how amazing is their company? Color Therapy Eyewear is the new black! Not sure if that works or not, but, seriously, go get your pair NOW!

Use my code: LIBBYZEN  at checkout and receive %15 OFF! Snap a selfie once you get your pair and post it onto Instagram#ChooseYourMood ! Tag me! I am interested to see which color you picked!

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I hope you enjoyed this colorful and informative post!